What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is an opportunity to respond to Christ’s love and for the many blessings and gifts he bestows to us. We acknowledge that everything we offer, everything we have, is a gift from God. We return it to Him as an act of thanksgiving and praise through our time, talents and treasures for the work of the Church.

Christians are also stewards of the spiritual knowledge which God has been entrusted to us. We must preserve the heritage of apostolic doctrine intact for future generations.

Stewardship places on us the responsibility to support our Church. Money is necessary to fulfill the mission, ministries and obligations of the Cathedral as well as to the Metropolis and Archdiocese.

Stewardship is returning to God a fair portion of the resources he has given us. In the Old Testament, God commanded the faithful to give ten percent of their income to God. Today, our parishioners are asked to make an annual monetary pledge, and may determine the amount of their contribution and payment schedule.

We thank our stewards and the many donors for their assistance and generosity during our Cathedral restoration. A special thanks to the many volunteers and benefactors who supported us. Your money is translated into “diakonia” service or ministry. You are sharing and supporting in making the Kingdom of God accessible to all who enter our Cathedral’s doors.

For further information regarding St. George Cathedral Stewardship
please contact: Jean Volikas ( 215-355-8949) 
Chairman, Stewardship Committee